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  1. Members Gallery
    Just a few little expensive upgrades. Well happy with the results though. :LOL:
  2. Main Volkswagen Tiguan chat
    Well need some help I've a 14 Tiguan with a panoramic roof and when it rains heavy it comes into the inside of the car I've seen where the drain off can get blocked but this is fine and just incase I smothered it with window sealer in my case just the water can't get away fast enough has anyone...
  3. Faults & Technical
    Coming across an issue with my Tiguan 2017 2.0, 7 speed dsg auto - 45300miles on the clock. After 35mins of driving roughly the emergency gearbox mode (you can drive on) comes up and goes into limp mode. I then switch of the engine and it goes back to normal for 20 mins then message comes...
1-3 of 3 Results