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First I must be unique here as I believe I am the only member with a Tiguan 2.0 Tdi 150 S Manual in Deep Black Pearl. It was a pre-reg and cost £21,500 and provided me with most things I was after (auto lights, wipers, good stereo and auto rear view mirror. I purchased a full sized steel spare and use the boot floor in the upper position.

I keep a spare 32gb iPod touch connect which contains all my music.

Only thing I would have liked was steering wheel controls for audio, but never had them for any of my many previous VWs.

I changed all the front headlight bulbs to Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited which I find better than the standard bulbs.

I added a couple of chrome exhaust tip which I purchased from Amazon. They look quite smart and only cost £16.99

I use Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Spray after washing the car to keep it looking good.

The good

Fuel consumption so far:- An average of 56.5 mpg over 3025 Miles. On a mixed road 200 mile run I normally get 65-66mpg.

The car handles well on twisty roads with very minimal roll.
It fits in my garage with one mirror folded. It would probably fit in with the mirrors unfolded, however that only leaves a gap of about 1-2cm.

The not so good

Road noise from textured road surfaces very audible inside the car. On smooth roads suspension/car is quiet but as soon as you change onto a textured road surface the noise from the road surface is transmitted through the suspension.

The car has 17" wheels with Pirelli Scorpion tyres running at 38psi I noticed that the sidewalls of these tyre don't seem to flex a lot with the weight of the car. Furthermore the suspension seems overlay firm. It feels a bit similar to my Scirocco when switched to sport mode and handles much the same. I think there must have been some issue with suspension noise as all cars seem to have a plastic bag containing some insulation stuffed into a hole in the engine bay just above each of the front struts. (Looks a bit crude). I don't know if the 'S' spec car has less underbody sound proofing.

Will bring this up with the dealer the first time I have the misfortune to have to pay a visit.

Car throws a lot of dirt onto the tailgate and rear window.

If you open the rear doors after it has been raining, watch out for water running off the roof and into the inside the car.

Throttle can be a bit laggy at times. Maybe a pedal box might help.

Don't like the gap left behind the rear seats when in the more upright position or when slid forwards. VW should have provided a retractable parcel shelf as standard and a flap like the one you get in a Golf SV which covers the gap at floor level when the rear seat is folded.

Front assist seems to cause people problems so not a fan and I now switch it off (along with the stop start) every journey. So far only had a few false warnings and no unnecessary emergency braking.


Personally just want to put fuel in it and drive the car. My previous VW Cab and Scirocco had no visits to the dealers apart from the odd service. I had the VW Cab and Scirocco each for 4 years. Talking of servicing I insisted my car was set for Long-Life servicing.

I suspect the dealer will just brush off the issue about road noise. i.e. "Thats normal" of "I can't hear it"

I will see how the car goes over the next 3000 miles

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Thanks for that info, really interesting.

A lot if points there I agree With!

My car has 18" contis, and both ride and road noise are acceptable. However last car had uprated sports suspension and Michelin PS4. Great traction, handling etc but not in any way comfy!
A pal has an X3 on scorpions and he raves about how good they are on the BMW.

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19" Pirelli Scorpions on mine and the road noise is definitely not intrusive
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