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Hi All,

My drive is very narrow (see previous postings), and I wondered if anyone with Area View could help me out please. I've ordered an SEL with area view hoping it will be a great help negotiating my drive, but as delivery is months away, I'd be very grateful if someone could use their Area View system, and measure the distance between the front tyre and the red/orange line that is displayed down the side of the car. I know its a big ask, as it will take a few minutes to check it out, but if someone is prepared to help, that would be great. This is what I thought might work.

Place a brick or something similar several inches from the front tyre, then switch on Area View, then adjust the position of the brick so it lines up with the red line - then measure. I'm hoping it will be about 200mm, but guess it may be more.

Thanks again, Mike
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