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Had my car for nearly 12 weeks now and done about 3500 miles so far, really pleased with it and the performance is really good. It's returning probably about 38-40 mpg on average but is largely dependent on how I drive and my route to work in Macclesfield (over the hills). Only niggle I've had is with the Discover Media just blanking out and not coming on, it's intermittent though and now not happened for over a month and even though I recorded the fault on my mobile, my local VW dealer who was very good about it and were willing to help, just need to see it not working before replacing. (Let's hope it was just a glitch).
Another nice feature is being unable to lock your keys in the boot (i have the full electric version), which I nearly did until the tailgate just stopped and then I realized my keys were in there!

I've noticed some more recent reviews for this model too and have provided the links below, hope they work as I've never added web links before. I have also included a German review from last year which puts this model up against the BMW X1 xDrive25d, you'll have to use the google translate tool on your browser to read but it includes some interesting performance data that I haven't seen before for this version of Tig. I've translated it and included it here as an attachment.

The following is a link to the German Auto Bild article.


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