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Hello All,

I ordered a VW Tiguan R Line 150 4motion (contract basis) back in October 2016. Was informed by dealer that car would be delivered in 12 weeks.
So in preparation I sold my current car ( Feb ) and expected to take delivery in late Jan early Feb (give or take a week).

Guess what, come mid Jan, dealer informed me that car was delayed and expected delivery was now week 21(estimate). :shock:

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I informed the dealer ship about my predicament (having no car). So in the meantime I rented a car and after many calls between myself and the dealership and also VW Customer services they (VW Customer Service) offered me a rental car at no extra cost to cover me until I take delivery of the car (goodwill gesture).

However, when I asked them if they would reimburse my costs of the rental car (over £1200) VW Customer services recommended I should speak directly to dealer ship and see whether they would reimburse my costs. Unfortunately the dealership refused and referred me back to VW Customer Services.

So I am currently in limbo!!! :cry:

After reading this forum, (plenty of good advice) I know come to understand there are many people in the same situation as me (albeit my case is of a contract vehicle whereas others may have bought the car out right). My only advice to all is (after ringing LBC Consumer Hour radio) by a barrister was to:
1. Cancel the Contract and get my holding deposit back.
2, Get VW Customer Services/Dealership to reimburse my costs (rental car) and get them to rent me a car (at their expense) until I take delivery of the car.

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