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I have 2016 Tiguan MK 2, so about 5/6 years old, 30k miles.

Couple of weeks ago during driving it suddenly came up with a message "Gearbox in emergency mode. No reverse gear.", and then I couldn't get into reverse and the car skipped the 2nd gear. However, I restarted the car and it went away, before shortly appearing again for the second time.

The next time I switched on I just had the engine warning indicator (amber). But that also went away and isn't appearing now when I switch the car on.

The message, or the engine warning indicator haven't reoccurred since, although I have only driven it about 30mins since this happened to get to a nearby garage. The mechanic checked it and found what the issue is from the car's issue log, which was a P173600 issue with the clutch sensor (picture attached). It was suggested we might be looking at a mechatronic replacement, which seems to be consistent to what other users have found from similar issues, and would cost £2.5k and upwards. At this point I am hesitant about spending a sum which is relatively large compared to the value of the car.

But he also said it was not a permanent issue, it could be the unit "having a moment", and that I could continue to drive and see if it comes up again, in which case, then come back to the garage. He then cleared the issue log from the car so we definitely know if the car logs the issue again.

I often drive round with my family with two young kids, so feels risky if I was to have a breakdown. Has anyone come across similar issues, and either didn't, or did have the mechatronic unit replaced, did the issue repeat or was it resolved?

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