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Hi all,

I recently ordered a Tiguan 1.4TSI BMT SE NAV on a PCH lease, this is to replace a Seat Leon FR 150 ACT that I have owned since March 2015, I am really impressed with the 1.4 ACT engine as it seems to be the perfect compromise between power and good fuel consumption. Lots of people tried to convince me to go for the 2.0TDI in the 150 power configuration but as I don't do a lot of mileage the petrol suits me fine and no potential DPF problems.

The car car is scheduled for build week 12/12/16 according to VW's track my car but reading some of the other Forum members comments on the tracker accuracy I will not hold my breath, car is Indium Grey which looks great and very classy, SE NAV spec seems to have all the options that I need and being on lease I didn't want to push up the monthly cost too much.

Looking forward to VW ownership, the only other VW that I have owned is a VW Beetle 1302S that I bought new back in 1971 so after many different cars over the years but predominantly Ford this is a new direction for me.
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