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I have been a visitor to the forum for over 3 years and many of you have provided fantastic advice, experiences and information. I thank you all. Below is our experience and our views based on our circumstances.
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We purchased our first new Tiguan in March 2019. A white R Line Tech, 1.5 TSI, DSG. No options needed. It was a case of visiting a few local dealers and saying the car we wanted and when can we collect. This experience was assisted with the CARWOW and Autotrader websites. Dealer talk in 2019 ranged from, none are available in the country, why not a T Roc or what about this spec at a higher price etc. Needless to say one dealer suppled the car in two weeks from stock with discounts from both dealer and VW Finance.

In April this car became 3 years old, we then decided to see about changing to a new model. Was a newer second hand available, do we order and wait 12 months? I am sure many of you have spent hours on this debate. We did not want to go longer than 4 years as the 1.5 engine was loosing its enjoyment.

So over the month of April 22 life was spent checking websites for stock and prices and deciding what is best for us.

2019 car, Trade-ins from the regular internet buyers not great considering the low mileage, new mot, service etc. Not great as in April 2022 prices but was prepared to continue to investigate.

By monitoring CARWOW and Autotrader there seemed to be a batch of "leftovers" rolling, or about too, into dealerships. Therefore we started phoning around dealers. Yes a few were no problem car code 20 into us in 1 to 2 months (thanks forum info) really! can we add an extra? no problem will still be here end May. Sorry not taking bait as I feel the pain from those of you who have been waiting and waiting. Also no I do not want a used car on inflated prices (but you can have mine!) as there is no new stock...

One dealer advertised a car that was physically in stock, we phoned and got info and obtained a trade in figure. We discussed and was just about to call back late afternoon and the dealer phoned us to advise that a deposit had just been taken and the car was sold. Was not meant to be....

At least we had a trade in figure although lower than wanted, better than internet buyers and only £1k less than purchased in 2019 and used prices are on the decline.

Next day the same dealer phoned to say that he and his manager had gone through the sheets and found an R Line 190 TSI, DSG with a good spec ( pano roof a must) sitting in Emden code 38. Be at showroom for collection end of month, May. Spent a few hours discussing and decided to go for it. Nothing to loose if car didn't appear by end of May as it was only 3 weeks. We put a deal together ( all done over internet and phone which included discounts and freebies as I no doubt ordered at last years price) and yes we collected car on the 30 May 2022 and traded in our Tech.

In our view, our trade in will fall in price a new Tiguan would go up, VW finance would go up. Also with VW changing their selling model to centralised sales department and dealers switching to test driver assistant and handover assistant with fixed rate for each function providing buyers survey is good, the dealer discounts will become a mere memory.

With economies under pressure over the next few years, maybe our new car may once again have a good value as 22 plates will be hard to find.
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Thanks for taking time reading our experiences. I have seen questions on comparison between the models and am happy to share opinions.
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