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Greetings Guys

Received my VIN no from my dealer on Friday and have discovered a useful tool to check your vehicle details prior to delivery.
The website can be found here:
You can either get a free report which tells you that your VIN No is Legit and you are receiving the vehicle you ordered or you can pay Euro 7-40 and get a more comprehensive report with all the vehicle details and equipment that comes with the vehicle. I am not sure about the additional options that you guys may have paid for, as my Tiguan R-Line does not have any optional extra's like a sunroof or Dynaudio included, but on the whole good for checking things like colour, engine type and transmission plus all the standard equipment that comes with the car. Well worth paying for the report
as it could avoid any errors after the car is delivered.
Interesting enough my vehicle was manufactured on the 15-10-16 so it is sitting on the dockside somewhere waiting for a Car Carrier to ship it to NZ :(
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