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Just a heads up that there has been a Technical Product Information sheet made available to VW dealers, detailing that MIB3 infotainment headunits running earlier software versions can now be upgraded to a new software version, if owners are complaining about various issues

Versions 0270, 0276, 0278 and 0304 are now superseded with 0306

Something to be forearmed with when it comes to booking your car in for service or fixing those niggling issues we've all experienced at some time - you can ask the service team if it is applicable to your car.

Copy of the TPI sheet 2065073/4 attached, showing the types of issues that will allow the techs to update your car

Font Parallel Screenshot Number Document

Font Screenshot Number Parallel Document

Font Number Parallel Pattern Document

Font Number Parallel Document Pattern

Font Screenshot Parallel Document Number
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