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Had my Tiguan since September and am I delighted with it. Yesterday, however, in the hand car wash, the guy washing the car signalled to me to wind my passenger window down and, inadvertently, I pressed the mirror control knob instead of the window lift button and it simply disappeared into the arm rest! I certainly didn't use much force but there I was with a hole in the place where the knob and its panel had been.
Luckily, I was only a few minutes away from the VW agent where I had bought the car and the service receptionist had a look at it, managed to fish out the control and put it back. I have booked it in to have the job done properly under warranty and, at the same time have a set of mud flaps fitted. Then I maybe won't have to go to the car wash so often!
Take care though - I am surprised at just how easily the thing fell through into the arm rest. Without the control to fold the mirrors, the car won't go into my garage.
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