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Hi all,

Been lurking on the forum for a couple of months, desperately looking at build dates and delivery times. I ordered a Tiguan back in March, although ended up changing spec to get the model sooner. I took delivery of my 2.0 Litre Rline about a month ago and love it so far! I went for the 150 and although its not a sports car it is quick enough for me. Get around 50 mpg on most journeys so very happy. I was worried that the ride would be harsh and noisy on the bigger rims although I haven't noticed much difference. I have come from having a number for Passats (3 Models in the last 3 years) and think the Tiguan is a really good step forwards. I love the digital dash, really smart. Also the CarPlay is great, just plug the phone in and everything works so easy!
Anyway, included a view pics :)


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