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The numbers have stated the case for the interior, which is larger than on the previous outing (interior length has been increased by 26 mm, and there's 29 mm better reat seat kneeroom, among other numbers), but nothing like getting a first-hand feel of it - it certainly feels a much roomier affair at the back. However, good news if you're wanting even more space: Volkswagen is set to preview a larger Tiguan SUV, designed primarily for China and the US, with a third row of seats in the boot. It may well come to Europe too.

"The sub-segment SUV is growing all over the world. We will build up a family around the Tiguan.

"This is the start for the second-generation Tiguan," he said. "But it is also the start of a new generation of SUVs from Volkswagen. We will start next year in other markets with a longer Tiguan for the American market. It's planned for Europe as well."

Volkswagen told us there would be more information on a Tiguan XL towards the end of 2016.
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