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Introduced myself on introductions and wanted to point out the Ateca thread on the sister board on this tool

Since the New Tiguan is basically the same car as far as the systems are concerned more or less there will be a fair amount which is common. There is a bit of pre-able on the thread waiting for delivery.... onto results. All of this is done with the Pro version of the device that costs about £50 and you need an Android device with Bluetooth and wifi or a data connection.

It's considered that the manufactures won't bring out an iOS version version due to difficulties in addressing the dongle via Bluetooth, such issues don't exist with Android. US and Australian supports sites suggest you just invest in a cheap tablet if you don't have access to Android on the basis that it's still more cost effective than the other method. You can keep the dongle in the glovebox and check any errors as they occur.

Example of error reports here:

Sorted the mirror dip out on reverse (same page):

Disabled stop start (very handy in a DSG if you can't remember with 100% certainly to turn the thing off !):

Enable closure of panoramic roof via Kessy (beware safety concers why VW disabled it, no kids you will be fine):

Turned off warning beeps on the tailgate (ditto safety concerns):

Volume to replenish (fuel to maximum fill the tank):

continue for litres to

Enabling fan (blower) speed display in AUTO mode (visually show what the AC is doing):

Video in motion (ditto safety) the device comes with an app for free that will do this.

That's basically it at the moment until the Ateca light units are cracked. I guess the Tiguan ones may be different in this respect. There are a lot of other things you can do with it reading live data, so still a learning curve. I'd like to see what stage the SCR is at.

I post this up in case any of these things take your fancy and is useful.
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