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Today was one of those rare days that both Mrs H and I had days off, nothing else planned, and both were in the mood for test driving cars :D

Off we trundled to the local dealer, with the aim of letting Mrs H get a test drive in the Tiguan, let her get an idea of what options there were and the colour selection - it will be her daily driver after all

Pleasantly surprised by the positive numbers being talked about by the dealer, particularly for a trade in value of our A6. He's going to go work on some proper quotes and finance indications, which I'll then compare against another local dealer from an independent group to see if I can play them off against each other before placing an order for September delivery

Her preferred spec is as below:

SEL spec with 19" wheels
2.0 TDI 150PS 4 motion and DSG
Black cloth/microfibre seats
Heated steering wheel and windscreen
Park assist with rear view camera
Keyless entry and electric tailgate
Outdoor pack and pet package - ideal for taking the labrador into the forest trails and wet/muddy fields, as she is prone to doing

Having discounted all other colours for various reasons, her final choice is down to Pure White, Caribbean Blue and Habanero Orange. That did surprise me, but after she saw the orange in person on a Passat Alltrack, she is adamant it is a serious contender :lol:

We'll see if her initial enthusiasm for orange lasts by the time we place an order in the next few weeks, but I must say Habanero with the offroad pack does look very distinctive :cool:

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