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Thanks to various posts on this forum, I nailed my final spec and placed my order yesterday. I'm not sure what the etiquette is on posting detail on the forum about where I went and how much I paid but I got a good deal. Happy to share if anyone needs help with their order/negotiation...

I've ordered a petrol SEL DSG in Atlantic Blue with grey leather, DCC, Dynaudio, keyless entry with electric tailgate, park assist with rear camera, service plan and lifeshine inside and out. Oh, and a couple of VW bean bags! I had changed my mind a few times on colour, hopefully I won't again, unless it is really soon and can be accommodated by the dealer/VW.

I've been told the wait is 11 weeks but with the Christmas factory shutdown I'm expecting it mid to late March. I want it on a 17 plate so should it be quicker, they will delay until the 1st March. Maybe if it is very late March it will be better to delay into April to save on car tax over the coming years.

I have my order number but am going to avoid using the VW app until February at the earliest before I start tracking it - I expect I'll end up looking every day so need to delay before that obsession kicks in.
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