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I've been hunting for this information for months so I thought I'd see if anyone out in Tig land had an idea.

Does anyone know the exact format that the Tig accepts for user POI's (field type, length etc. etc. :ugeek: ) Either for the Carnet transfer or the SD Card loading method. :geek:

The manuals claim ASC and a range of others but like "car-net" they don't work - only a long involved process using a German site seems to work (I get my POI's - AKA Speed Cameras - identified with a noise that sounds like the Clangers Soup Dragon :lol: :lol: ) but it takes about an hour each time.

Interestingly the only input file that works on this seems to use Mercedes file formats :eek: :eek: :eek:

What I would ideally like is the CSV format :ugeek: :ugeek

Cheers - Earl
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