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Hi to all Tiguans friends :D ...this post goes especially to all of you who got your brand new Tig with the Alcantara seats just like me and want to have a really good protection for unpleasant surprises. Having 2 kids I thought that the car seats are very vulnerable to dirt and stains :eek:
So after a looong research between many products I ended up with the Nano ceramic fabric guard from which I bought from the approved agent here in Cyprus.
I have tried the product and it is very good as it says and also very easy to apply. It is a powerful sealant that waterproofs and protects the seats from from water and any liquid, dirt, contaminant and stains, whilst remaining totally INVISIBLE...Totally Recommended so I thought it would be good ti share to all of you guys.
Any questions please feel free to ask :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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