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Having had a few cars over the years and most recently a new Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 diesel with all the bells and whistles, I am still finding things about my new Tiguan that suprise and impress me.
I have never owned a german car before, although my son bought an Audi A1 last year, and am impressed with the thoughtful design and quality engineering VW have produced. My Citroen was flaky in parts- particularly with respect to the electrics and the way some things operated.
On the Citroen you had to manually apply the handbrake using a switch. On the VW just keep your foot on the brake and it goes on. Simple.
When the stop/start is active and the car in front moves off- the engine restarts (presumably only if you have radar cruise control). Not so on the Citroen.
The operation of the Infotainment system is intuitive- unlike the Citroen. Also- on the Citroen you had to navigate through several screens just to turn off the stop/start before every journey. One button near the gear lever on the Tiguan.
Has anyone else found features that have impressed them compared to other cars they have owned, or conversely, found something lacking?
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