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Hi. I was wondering. I own a tiguan 2013 2.0 tdi 110hp. Is the classic one manual 2wd. Etc.
Now the problem is that driving this car for about 1 year I feel that sometimes I need more power so I want to ask maybe give me somebody like a mechanic an advice where I should modify ? To get maybe 150 or 170hp. It could be the turbo? Injectors? Exhaust? Does this could affect the stability of the engine in anyway? I'm mostly doing the mechanics by myself as I have a van and is a must to learn mechanics if want to keep the money on the pocket...
What is the diffrence between this tiguan models from 110hp to 150 or 170 On tdi engine as I see is the same capacity of 2.0 litre...
And if so wich parts could you recommend?
From ECU what should I modify to get more power? I have all the tools for mechanics and software so it won't be a problem...
Thank you
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