VCDS / OBDEleven adjustments of DLA activation speed

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VCDS / OBDEleven adjustments of DLA activation speed

Post by cobaltfish » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:09 am

Hi All,

Has anyone got any experience of adjusting the activation speed of the dynamic light assist using VCDS / OBDEleven?
I think by default, its set at about 60KM/h (37 mph), which is great when you're on main roads, and watching it mask off areas where it can see another cars head / tail lights is really nice.
However, out where I live, there are plenty of villages that aren't well lit, and have a 30mph (50KM/h) speed limit, so once it deactivates, it doesn't turn back on until I'm out of the village and building up speed again.
Does anyone have any idea where I should look to adjust it?
I looked at stuff on briskoda forums, as I'd already successfully adjusted my Octavia's HBA for slightly lower activation speed Briskoda HBA Activation
I think it was module 20, rather than A5 that I made adaptations in, but can't spot the thread I used at the moment. However there isn't anything obvious when I look for speed when I look through the available adaptations/codings in module A5 on the Tiguan. I don't want to mess about with the binary coding without having half a clue about what they might break!
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