230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

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Re: 230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

Post by Kugaman1 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:41 am

I cannot believe this is still going on!!!

I had this last year when I got my 230 RLine Tech. Was a bloody nightmare to sort - at one point there were 4 log books floating around with my reg number on them, all wrong.

This is VW UKs fault, not the dealers. VW UK have given the RLine techs a registration code which comes up as SEL in DVLAs system. DVLA know about this, but its up to VW UK to put right.

If you get the problem, you cannot go to DVLA yourself, you MUST go through your dealer. They then get a confirmation of model designation letter from VW UK and send it with a covering letter to DVLA on your behalf.

DVLA will not deal with you, it must go through VW UK.

I have twice put in a formal complaint to VW UK about this situation......got the usual garbage blah, blah, blah reply.........yet almost a year later, clearly nothing has changed.

Ive now got rid of my Tiguan (2nd RLine and wasn't as well made as the first one!).......I bought a BMW, but looked at numerous cars.......on several occasions I got offered nearly £2k less than my car was worth...when I queried this, they told me my car was showing as an SEL on their valuation system. Luckily, it seems the main valuer (CAP) showed the car as an RLine tech and I eventually got what it was worth against the BMW I bought.

What a pain the whole thing is!!
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Re: 230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

Post by JK-VWTiguanR » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:40 pm

Must say my dealer was not an issue, gave them the log book and then a few weeks later it came back all correct.

Can only assume any issues or delays would be the dealer.
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Re: 230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

Post by Ads17 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 1:02 pm

So I got my V5 updated from TDI to TSI in Feburary, however insurance renewal time is here and 6 months later all the reg plate lookups are still flagging it up as a TDI, so are tyre and car parts websites too.

After some investigating I found a company online which supplies VRM lookup services to businesses and they also have a free VRM lookup to show what data (API Metadata) they return. I entered my reg and the results are mixed, some parts of the dataset it is correctly listed a TSI while other parts of the dataset are still listed as TDI.

A bit more digging and from what I can figure out there are 2 main data sources that are used for VRM lookup, one being the DVLA and the other being SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) with the SMMT holding the old incorrect TDI information from when the vehicle was first registered.

I will be in VW in the next day or so and I am going to see if they have the ability to update the info held on the SMMT since VW are a member of the SMMT.
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Re: 230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

Post by Splont » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:19 pm

Same here on the insurance front, everyone thinks my car is an SEL 230 not R-Line Tech 150. I went back to the dealer two weeks ago who raised it with someone...somewhere...still nothing has changed.
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Re: 230 R-Line Tech different on DVLA

Post by DaveM » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:19 pm

And VW dealership assured me they never saw this before...I’m expecting the V5 soon with an update to correct the model, hope it resolves it as NI dvla was transferred to Wales, heck of a run to sort it out.
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