Service ?

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Service ?

Post by Dba » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:18 pm

Garage just called to advise been 12 months since last service on a 66 plate now rocking 30k
Checked the onboard service advisor says in another 8k or 264 days until next service due
What do I go by
When vehicle was 2yrs old had engine light on and When mechanic from vw came out he said to go by vehicle schedule however garage are saying they advise 12k or yearly ?

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Re: Service ?

Post by CNC » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:59 pm

VW offer two types of service, one is an annual service every 9375 miles (15,000km) which is ideal for lower mileage drivers or those who do a higher mileage but predominately longer journeys where there is much less strain on the engine which is every 18750 miles (30,000km).

All VW's come in to the UK set to the variable (30,000km) but if you prefer you can ask your VW dealer to set it to fixed 9375 mile servicing, it all depends on your driving style.

At what mileage was it last serviced, add that mileage to what you see on the onboard computer and it is probably set to variable, unless you cover a very low mileage.

Have a read of the VW servicing options here

The other option if your car is out of warranty would be to find an independent VW specialist near you who can do the same work but perhaps much cheaper.
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