MIB3 USB audio

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Re: MIB3 USB audio

Post by Blakey » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:32 am

alandoak wrote:
Mon Apr 05, 2021 10:32 am
Thanks for the reply, Blakey, but I struggle to understand why you'd post such a message in a forum designed for people to help each other. Did it occur to you that those of us who are, for example, pensioners might just struggle with more modern technology? I have no idea what CarPlay is and have no desire to find out at this stage of my life but what I do want from VW is a simple system that works efficiently. If VW put in USB slots then they should ensure that they work properly, don't you think? p.s. As an aside, this 67 year old refuses to stream as a matter of principle, preferring to support artists by actually buying cd's and then ripping them to .......USB sticks. Have a good day.
I feel that I should have right of reply to this.

I am also knocking on the door of 60, in fact it opens for me next year. I also pay for my music, I have ripped my CD's, that I have bought over the years, (some to replace worn vinyl), to iTunes, now Apple Music. When I buy new music, I buy it direct from the musician and again, upload to my Apple music account. So please, do not assume that I, like the yoof of today, freeload choons. I have had iPhones since the days of the iPhone 3[s] because it enabled me to take my music with me wherever I go. Be that in a car, on a train, by bus or just walking. It seemed, at that time, a simple solution that has worked out well for me.

CarPlay is the simple connection between your mobile phone and the car. It is wireless and it enables you to use the infotainment system in a similar manner to your iPhone. It is very, very simple to use. It is a feature on a car I would not be without having used it.

I'm sorry you found my post so offencive, it certainly wasn't intended to be. I wish you luck in your quest.

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Re: MIB3 USB audio

Post by Essjay » Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:04 am

One of the problems you will always encounter when using an online forum is that you have to read the replies, and unlike a normal spoken conversation, it can be difficult sometimes working out how to interpret the phrasing.

I think I speak for all on the forum here, in that our primary aim is to impart knowledge, and also when we have problems, to ask for advice. Sometimes we can confuse advice with being patronising, or heaven forbid offensive.

I’m pretty sure that is not the intention of any of our members, but I would just say, and this is for everyone, please think carefully about wording replies to make sure your words aren’t misconstrued.

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Re: MIB3 USB audio

Post by mrew42 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:30 am

Hear! hear! Steve.
As ever, the voice of calm and measured response.
And no, that's not in insult :)
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Re: MIB3 USB audio

Post by alandoak » Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:54 am

Thanks to Steve and, more pertinently, to Blakey for these comments. Clearly, Blakey, you meant to cause no offence and I apologise for taking umbrage when there was no intent on your part. Furthermore, I did not mean to imply that you were a "freeloader" - I was merely highlighting the reason why I don't stream. Again, I apologise if there was a misunderstanding.

Now that we've cleared that up, let me say that I transferred about 50 gig of music over to the new USB C stick and the cover art was all over the place but - and this may be the crux of the matter - I only made a 5 minute journey so I suspect that it might take a bit of time for the music to load properly. Once I've taken a longer drive, I'll post a further comment. Cheers, everyone.

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