New 2021 Tiguan R-Line

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New 2021 Tiguan R-Line

Post by Sootchucker » Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:40 pm

HI guys,

My MK7.5 GTI is coming up to 3 years old and whilst it's been a brilliant car, I've started looking around for a possible replacement. I really like the look of the new facelift Tiggys, but hope it's not too rude if I ask a few questions.

My GTI is pretty loaded with options so I want the same or better than on the Tiggy, so I've opted for the 150PS Petrol DSG R-Line variant, which gives me some breathing room for some nice options before the dreaded £40k luxury tax bracket.

I'm waiting for my local dealer to get back to me over a test drive in these weird times, but was wondering if after the GTI, I would find the Tiguan really gutless and snail like. TBH I don't think I've ever really used the full performance of the GTI in the time I've owned it so am hoping the Tiguan will feel nippy enough ? Also, (now this is really subjective), but I've averaged 35mpg in the life time of the GTI, (a good mix of lots of town, rural and a little motorway mixed in over it's 20,000 miles). Would I be likely to see that from the Tiguan driving similarly or will the small engine combined with the heavier weight really hammer the economy (I currently only do about 5k miles per year so it's not the biggest concern but still think a 1.5 Tiguan should beat a 2.0L GTI in the economy stakes right ?)

Then a couple of spec questions. A lot of facelift Tiguan's I've seen on the internet don't have a double hight boot floor, but as I'll be specifying Harmon Kardon with the space saver spare wheel mounted sub, would that mean that I also get a dual height boot floor (or at least a boot floor panel that's liftable and is around the loading lip level) ?

Do the front doors of the R-Lines comes with active curtesy door lights in the bottom of the door trim, or are they just red reflectors like they were on my GTI ?

I assume if ordering a sunroof then like the Golf you loose the sunglasses holder overhead ?

With regards to the interior ambient lighting, is it just a single strip that run though the front and back doors (i.e. no interior door handle or door pull interior lights ? I also assume there''s no ambient lighting across the dashboard (just the doors) ?

Sorry for so many questions.
on order - 2021 Tiguan R-Line 1.5 TSI DSG - Nightshade Blue Metallic, Panoramic Sunroof, IQ Lights, Harmon Kardon, Discover Pro and lots of other options

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